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The use of electric circular saw

Update Time : 2021-05-06 13:46:44

Circular saw cutting faster Cutting steel, iron and stainless steel almost no friction resistance. The waiting time during the cutting process is also reduced, but improper use can be dangerous, but also cut yourself and hurt yourself. Here's how to use the hand-held circular saw.

1. To use the circular saw The first is to check the circular saw. Main check whether the circular saw surface cracks, deformation, the circular saw protective shell is not energized, check the circular saw if there is any loose, the handle parts are missing, the phenomenon of falling, such as over the check is completed No, then a good circular saw can be used normally.

2. Before using the circular saw must have a complete set of protective equipment. That is, work clothes, if there is no work clothes, it must not wear loose clothes, lest the clothes be taken, roll in, is their own injury. There are protective glasses, dust cover and so on. Ladies must tie their hair well, otherwise it will be rolled into the circular saw.

3. After the start of the circular saw should let it idle for a short while. Observe whether the circular saw is too loud, noisy and so on. Vibration is normal, but if the abnormal vibration, immediately turn off, do not use, may have a circular saw quality problems.

4 circular saw normal start, it should put the wire behind yourself, do not get close to the circular saw, but also their own power a little further away from the point, so safe, inadvertently cut into the wire, may lead to leak shop electric shock safety accident.

5. Electric circular saw cutting operation, both hands must grasp the device handle and side handle. Do not finger near the high-speed rotation of the saw blade, the operator's body must maintain the proper distance and equipment.

6. Do not use the electric circular saw above the head position to prevent the electric circular saw or the workpiece being cut off from causing an accident. The new blade is generally flat, open the sawing road, if necessary, in the range of 5 ° ~ 20 ° choice. This can clearly see the object in front of you.

7. Circular saw operation should pay attention to sound and temperature, abnormalities should be immediately shut down inspection. In the operating time is too long, the tool temperature exceeds 60 ℃ hot or burnt smell, should be shut down, and then natural cooling operation. There is a circular saw on the brush is consumables, if the mill is over, we must promptly replace the new carbon brush.